The Galenomicon is a highly controversial work purporting to be from the pen of Galen, King of Tenrobys, and currently held at the Taradonian Museum in Barrow. The Museum does not openly advertise that they possess such a tome at all; but when directly questioned, Museum workers claim it is principally a work illustrating various ingenious but highly flawed inventions, before hastily changing the subject.

Those few brave souls who have dared to peruse this document, however, are left baffled and amazed by its contents. First, the Galenomicon is approximately 2500 years old, and was discovered by the Museum’s expedition in the year 50 to the ruins of Arranumma in the Falmarian Desert. Much of the work does contain technical layouts of inventions, mainly flying machines. At the end, however, it devolves into mad ramblings of horrifying implications. The terrible angles and kaleidoscopic polyhedrons formed by the hastily written cuneiform letters show the final thoughts of a mind maddened by contemplation of spheres outside of our own space and time, casting doubt on the literal reading of the schematics endorsed by the Museum.

What are these supposed flying machines? The literal instructions create highly complex but mostly inoperable vehicles. Why, it must be asked, would anyone make such detailed and confident records of failure? Another explanation easily presents itself to the inquiring mind. Encoded within these instructions are methods of penetrating realms of space and time few mortals have ever dared to tread. The great antiquity of this document, and its proximity in period to Nanliltar and other powerful sorcerers of old, indicates that it strikes at the heart of the mysteries surrounding the destruction of the cities of dread, decayed Falmaristan. It may even preserve older traditions, dating back to the lost ages of the aeon-dead, accursed Kordilians.

But what of the Galenomicon ’s supposed connection to King Galen? Three alternatives present themselves. The first is that the title is merely a blind, designed to deflect inquiry into the book’s true message. The second is that Galen has been caught up in the blasphemous time-schemes of Boffin and his companions, and wrote the book two-and-a-half millennia ago in an ultimately vain attempt to regain his own era. The third and most likely, however, is that the name of the maternal grandfather of King Mar-Ishlim is by mere coincidence the same as the modern monarch’s, and that it is he, a great sorcerer and scientist, who by darkest and foulest arts penetrated unknown, eldritch places.


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