Fifty Shades of Pewter

Fifty Shades of Pewter was a bestselling romance novel published in the year 47, which quickly spread in popularity throughout the Northern Lands. The novel, written by noted adventurer Berezi and several others who eschewed authorial credit, was a highly, highly fictionalized account of the relationship between her traveling companion Pewter and her political enemy Prince Nicon of the House of Monar.

It is a little-known fact that Fifty Shades was based on the earlier, less well-known romance novel The Half-Orc Temptress. A copy of this book fell into the hands of Berezi and her companions at some point in the year 47, and shortly thereafter was extensively re-written to feature Pewter as the protagonist.

Fifty Shades catapulted Pewter to international fame. Literary scholars argue that his fictionalized exploits threatened to overshadow his real-life accomplishments as a well-traveled adventurer, a participant in the June Tournament, and a populist revolutionary activist. Rumors that Fifty Shades contributed to the psychosis and eventual death of Prince Nicon remain highly speculative, but it is worth noting that Berezi, the only acknowledged author, is a highly accomplished psion – and her authorial skills attest to her ability to plant extremely vivid imagery in the minds of her readers.

Although recently published, Fifty Shades has already had a significant impact on popular culture throughout the North, and has been hailed as a modern classic. Some academics posit that Fifty Shades may be the impetus to a broader cultural resurgence in the North, and could even spark a new Golden Age of tawdry romance novels.

The Archives at the Queen’s University in Rhuddail currently houses a signed, first-edition copy of Fifty Shades of Pewter.

Pictured Below is the Special International Collectors Edition of “Fifty Shades of Pewter” published by Queen’s University Press for the Taradonian Exhibition of Year 50:


Fifty Shades of Pewter

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