Crowns of Boffin Barrow

This list is not exhaustive and may never achieve any standard of completeness.

The following is a list of the crowns and other hats belonging to Boffin Barrow, &c. &c. &c.

The Euscar Crown

While not Boffin’s most impressive crown, or even his most valuable, the Euscar Crown is notable as an historical curiosity and as Boffin’s first crown, acquired soon after he came from the East. The Crown was originally the possession of the ancient elf king, Euscar, but it passed through several other hands before ending up in a barrow in Tenrobys, which is where Boffin found it. This crown is a simple circlet, but it has the power to place the wearer partly in the realm of spirits.

The Crown Imperial of Luna-Selene

The largest crown in Boffin’s collection, the Crown Imperial was given to Boffin by the elders of the Moon after he fulfilled their ancient prophecies and became their Emperor. Fully five feet tall, this crown is merely impressive and has no powers.

The Lich Crown

A relatively recent acquisition, this crown was a spoil of victory after Boffin defeated the Lich of Lichmire, who was living in the subterranean ruins of Vindil. This crown sucks the essence out of undead creatures, for potential use by the wearer.

The Aluminum Crown

Boffin’s newest crown, this was a creation of his friend and companion, Pewter the Half-Orc. It blocks psionic energy and glows red when such energy is directed at the wearer’s mind.

Crowns of Boffin Barrow

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