Book of Daeris

The Book of Daeris is an ancient set of texts forming the basis of the Dwarven worship of the High God Daeris. There is much divergence of opinion between Dwarven sects (and even between individual Dwarves) concerning the contents of the Book of Daeris. Below are a few examples of known books of the Book of Daeris.

The Book of Forging—The first book of the Book of Daeris, it describes the creation of the universe and the early days of life on Earth. In it, the Earth is described as having been formed from a giant pile of dirt and rock. The first veins of metal were put in place by angelic beings.

The Book of Axes—An especial favourite, this book describes the various kinds of axes and how different heroes of the faith have used them in battle.

The Book of Beards—This book is the source of the well-loved Dwarven proverb: “For my friends, gifts aplenty; for my foes, the axe.”

The Book of First Battleaxes—“It was said in olden time, the pen is mightier than the sword; but verily I say unto you, the axe is mightier than both, for it can carve flesh better than the sword, and carve letters into stone that do not blot or burn.”

Book of Daeris

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