a “proud” and “independent” “sovereign” “nation”- Quote from the steward of Leyland, Leyton.

Leyland is a Himanian kingdom of the North. Its capital is Cartern. It borders Northmarch to the north, Tenrobys and the Middle Realms to the west, the Eastern Waste to the east, and Cardon to the south. Leyland has been one of the most volatile Northern countries in recent history. 150 years ago, a succession crisis precipitated a civil war, which resulted in the wholesale fragmentation of the realm. Over 100 principalities, duchies, and counties, some of which were no more than a few miles across, replaced the formerly unitary kingdom. Each of these had its own laws, systems of measurement, and coinage. Nominal authority rested with the seven Princes, who met annually to discuss the state of affairs and hear grievances, but Leyland was essentially lawless. It gained a reputation for violence and anarchy which is only just now beginning to pass away. This situation endured until December 47 when, under circumstances still unclear, the reconsolidation of Leyland began following a riot at the Princes’ meeting in Dyfwethil. By the spring, the greater part of Leyland had submitted to a group of adventurers acting initially in the name of Blanche, the Countess of Carthewald, who became the first Queen of a reunited Leyland. The murder of Queen Blanche by her niece led to the accession of Melantha, a member of the House of Heregild and Princess of Cartern, who is the current ruler. The heir apparent is her relative Amelia.

Following the restoration of the eastern half of Leyland and the portion of the country under Northmarch control, Leyland is now divided into 22 principalities, duchies, and counties. Portions of former Leyland are still ruled by the independent King of Cardon. Leyland has small but growing commerce deriving from the production of wines, timber, and the popular beverage Fizzy.

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