Boffin's Decrees

While the Shires of Taradonia and their component towns mostly govern themselves day-to-day via the Moots, Boffin occasionally steps in with Decrees from time to time to lay down national laws.

The Decrees have full force not only Taradonia but the Empire of the Moon and any other of Boffin’s possessions, though of course as with Boffin’s holdings in other lands such as Gwythin-Carlen and Henging the laws of those lands will hold precedence.

The following list may not be complete.

The Decree on Illicit Cult Activity
Cults worshiping any deity not on the List of Approved Deities are forbidden. Individual worship of gods is permitted as long as said worship does not involve dark magic, torture, or human sacrifice. Any suspicious activity is to reported to the Department of Religious Security

The Decree on Callufraxes
All citizens must be aware of the threat posed by Callufraxes, and know how to identify these monsters. They must be killed on sight. If unable to deal with a suspected Callufrax themselves, citizens must appeal directly to the crown, which will promptly deal with the matter.

The Decree on Taxes
This is probably common knowledge, but there are no national taxes in Taradonia (in fact, this may have been a selling point in your decision to immigrate). Any persons claiming to be collecting taxes are attempting to con you.
Local and Shire moots have the power to levy taxes for specific purposes only, and the collection and expenditure of said taxes must be clearly accessible to all citizens.

The Decree on Slavery
In case it was not clear, the sale or possession of Slaves is prohibited. Any individual or caravan found to have slaves will have all of their slaves immediately emancipated and offered Taradonian citizenship, as well as assistance finding a suitable place to live to practice their trade(s), or training in one should they somehow have none.

First-time offenders may opt to be permanently branded in order to be monetarily compensated for their slaves, but should they be caught again all of their goods shall be confiscated, not only their slaves, no compensation shall be provided, and they shall be imprisoned awaiting sentence for their crimes.

Taradonians abroad are encouraged to purchase or otherwise free any slaves they come across, and will be compensated for their trouble by the Taradonian crown.

The Department of Emancipation shall be created to track the price of slaves globally, in order to provide just (but not extravagant) compensation for the liberation of slaves, and to oversee inspections of merchants suspected of possessing slaves.

The Decree of Militia Authority
Following the brave efforts of the Bywater Militia during the War of Northmarch Agression, it seems only right to officially authorize and encourage the Militias of Taradonia to regularly patrol outside Taradonia’s borders. These Militias are encouraged to suppress any dark cult activity or slave trading they encounter, so long as they are not taking place inside a sovereign nation at peace with Taradonia (unless said nation permits such activity).
These actions should help bring peace and stability to the unclaimed lands surrounding Taradonia, and help transition these lands into eventual Taradonian rule.

The Decree on Magic
Yes, magic exists, and magic users are among us! But you must not panic. Any “Witch-hunts” or persecution of magic users shall be investigated and punished by the state. Really though, it should be common sense to not do this. If you do manage to catch and imprison or kill your subject, think for a moment. If they actually did know magic, how would this have gone differently? You probably would be turned into a toad by now. Or killed outright. If you suspect someone of being a dangerous magic user, please inform your local authorities immediately and let professionals handle this.

Most magic users are harmless, or at least harmless if left to their own devices- most Hags and Crones fall into this category. All magic users are called upon to register themselves in Barrow immediately. Registered magic-users have the right to use of magic in self-defense of themselves or their property, and any found persecuting registered magic-users shall be punished by the law.

It should be noted that most (though not all) leaders in this world are also powerful magic-users. Powerful leaders should be given their space, and their desires respected: Even if we are at war with another nation, and you come across their leader, you must not engage them: Don’t be a hero. (Unless you actually are, then go right ahead)

The Decree on Moots
Having noticed the spontaneous generation of Moots in the Shires of Taradonia, and found them most agreeable, we have decided to officially legitimize this form of local self-government. You are to be congratulated for your civic spirit, citizens of Taradonia! You really take a load off the business of governance, freeing our time for much more important matters, such as adventuring, protecting the world, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

But these moots are not just beneficial in reducing the workload of me, your ruler, but it allows for a much more personal form of government. Your moot representatives will be much more knowledgeable on your local affairs than any official in Barrow. Your Moots shall (hopefully) be less inclined towards corruption or abusing their power than any singular governors.

Still, it must be stated that the moots do answer to their monarch (which would be me, Boffin Barrow): though worry not! I shall keep my nose out of your business, and if I don’t, I assure you I have a very, very good reason to butt in!

I once again applaud you on your efforts, Taradonia. Your hard work and good sense are the foundations of our glorious nation’s rapid growth and prosperity.

The Decree of Dimensions
It is declared that all beings, not originating from this plane of existence (with the exception of planes tied closely to our own, ie. the dream world, as well as the divine and infernal planes.), are henceforth BANISHED from this dimension by royal decree, upon pain of death. Peaceable entities from other realms of existence may apply for temporary visas, dependent on good behavior. Any person or persons aiding or associating with hostile otherworldly beings shall be declared ENEMIES OF THE WORLD, and dealt with accordingly, as the last person to have earned that title: Nanliltar, for bringing in warlike beings from another plane in the War of Northmarch Aggression

In particular, it should be noted that the ABOLETH have effectively declared war on our plane and stated their design to overthrow our gods. ABOLETH must be killed upon sight, and any rumors of their activity reported to the state. Any sacrifices made to ABOLETH shall be dealt with as illegal cult activity.

Any incursions by otherworldy beings shall be met with DISPROPORTIONATELY DEVASTATING RETALIATION. You have been warned. Leave now or risk your home planes being CLEANSED BY HOLY FLAME. One such counterattack has previously been launched against the home plane of Nanlitar’s allies.

In Short, GET OFF OUR LAWN. Stay on your side of the interdimensional “fence” and I’m sure we can all get along swimmingly.

The Decree on Calendars
The solar year shall be modeled after the traditional Halfling calendar: divided into 12 equal months of 30 days each, with 5 special holidays placed between the months, with an additional day provided on leap years.

The five month-less holidays shall be commemorated in honor of the Deities of Taradonia: Tarodin, Duban, Silmund, Vaina, and Our Glorious Monarch Boffin.

Taraday, Dubanday, Silmunday, Vainday, and Boffinday (names may be subject to change)

The Decree on Education
All children are required to obtain at least primary level education. The exact details of this schooling may be determined by local Moots. Struggling shires or townships may apply to recieve crown support in setting up schools- particularly burgeoning areas may qualify for Loom construction.

All education is free: in the sense that those seeking education don’t neccesarily need to pay anything. Naturally, everything comes with a price, and funds may be raised by your local Moot for the purpose, or require donations or volunteer work from upstanding members of the community. Again, the crown will step in when necessary as well.

For higher, more specialized, education, it is recommended that citizens look to the city of Barrow. One can delve into the chemical secrets of the Hags at the Palace of Alchemy, or the wonders of flight as either a pilot or a Aeroship mechanic at the Palace of Aeronautics, or look into history at the (in?)famous Taradonian Museum- with many more options existing or on the way! Should students be unable to afford tuition, they have the option of entering a traditional Apprenticeship, and particularly promising students will have their tuition paid by the crown and employment guaranteed, on condition of accepting said employment upon graduation. The nations best and brightest will also have access to crown resources: for example, students of the Loom school of Architecture will have a chance to submit their blueprints for a chance to be used by the Djinn of the Loom himself!

Should local resources be lacking for specialized education in any location in the Empire, correspondence courses will be set up with the support of the appropriate schools and the Taradonian Postal Service

The Decree on Waste
A.K.A. “The Chrysophylax Tribute”

Not to be confused with THE Waste, which is a lovely place to live, this decree is instead on the mounting wastefullness of Taradonia’s burgeoning population centers. Citizens should find a way to reuse or sell items: if this is not possible, they are encouraged to donate it to the “Chrysophylax Tribute” (unless it something foul enough that even that hoarder of a dragon would not desire). The Chrysophylax Tribute will be collected in special green boxes marked with Chrysophylax’s face surrounded by a triangle of arrows, and shipped at crown expense to the “Magnificent” Hoard.

We hope this initiative will clean up our expanding cities, and make them ever more appealing to residents, potential immigrants, and tourists.

The Decree on Nymphs
AKA the Nymph Re-location and Re-education Program (NRRP)
Finding it unsafe that certain bodies of water are occupied by lonely and/or hungry Nymphs, the Crown has begun a program to relocate Nymphs to more suitable locations where they cannot harm unwary travelers- whether to someplace more isolated, or to somewhere where they can safely be themselves, such as the Nymph attractions in Henging.

Certain Nymphs being not of the predisposition to ensnare and/or eat people shall be given education and employed in the service of the Taradonian Intelligence Agency (TIA), under the direct command of the Empress Minerva herself.

Boffin's Decrees

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