The Matter of the North

Special Order No. 111

Currently in the possession of the TIA

Note: This document reached us through one of our nymph agents in northern Cyttania. It appears to detail invasion plans into the Prince of Cardon’s domains. It is to be circulated to the appropriate elements of the Leylish and Tanbeisian governments. The Cyttanian soldier carrying the document has been neutralized and is not minded to complain.

Special Order No. 111
Headquarters, Army of Himania
5th of May, 19th Year of Cyngild

1. The burghers of Cardon have been thoroughly influenced by our ambassador at the King of South Leyland’s court, and matters have been arranged so that the city will be taken without a significant struggle. General Brictnoth will proceed across the Ley on the northern road and secure the city with all dispatch. It will be his headquarters.

2. Thane Morcar will take the eastern road from Aberberg to secure Oberpen Castle. General Pecthelm’s command will proceed along the same road as far as Tintagan, and link with the local Prince’s troops.

3. The city of Aberdaph is to be taken and systematically destroyed by the aforementioned. The population is especially criminal and it is the King’s express wish that they be rounded up and escorted to the border with Leyland. They will be Leyland’s problem and not ours.

4. The principal cities being secured, contingents will proceed to the border crossings and secure the South Leylish side against any incursion from the north.

5. Citizens of the northern allied countries that may happen to be in South Leyland are to be treated with the greatest courtesy and not molested in any way. We do not want to risk diverting their attention while it is so handily occupied already. In the last war, they used giant spiders from beyond the Moon to vapourize the city of Thridingstoke. We don’t want that kind of trouble.

By command of the Earl of Penstowe


Additional note: the soldier was carrying several Fizzy Fizzlers, dehydrated Fizzy rolled into paper. We cannot determine what became of them after our operative turned the lot over.

Special Order No. 111

Boffiny Scheme for the Completion of the Leylish Reunification:

Attempt to strongarm “King” Roderick of Cardon into submitting to Leylish rule, warning him of his impending doom (in a vague manner- just saying that Cytannia is about to attack without providing details).

Should the ‘King’ refuse, seek out these compromised burghers and show them the errors of their ways, convince them that they would be better off under the rule of fellow Leylanders and not foreigners- get them to overthrow their king and set up a subject republic under Leyland. Shouldn’t be too hard, they’re Leylanders.

also ensure to break up Cardon so that it is not too influential a member state of Leyland.

Time this in such a manner that Cardon is officially re-integrated with Leyland BEFORE Cytannia invades, but without giving enough time for them to learn of this and cancel their plans. Possibly allow them to destroy Aberdaph, if it is as terrible a place as they say (and let them reap the consequences for that- really, they think they can round up and herd Leylanders? Especially ‘especially criminal’ ones? What are they thinking??)

Express our outrage at Cytannian agression, and let them know how ‘mistaken’ they were about Leylish affairs

Demand compensation for their transgressions. If Cytannia has occupied any culturally Leylish lands, demand their return to the reunited Leyland.

A military parade of the First Airborne, and Taradonia’s newest line of airships fresh out of the Palace of Aeronautics should help encourage them to comply. We will not discourage their bizarre conflation of our Spider allies and the Martians who were actually responsible for the vapourization of Thridingstoke.

Tadaa! Cytannia and her king are disgraced, possibly paving the way to helping Edmund to their throne. Leyland is finally completely reunified, and given a boost to her treasury.

Special Order No. 111
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