Evil 1/4 Djinn Lady


A beautiful, middle-aged woman who only condescends to notice people whom she considers her equals, or who have offended her in some way. Has a nasty habit of popping up when least expected or wanted.


Nanliltar is the (former, since her time-traveling escapades) Queen of Arranumma, married to its last king, Mar-Ishlim. She is also a powerful sorceress, having proven so by traveling through time, and then cursing Mel. Since arriving in the present, Nanliltar has allied herself with the Earl of Suthriding , and raising an army of zombies, dragons and evil dwarves. She also possesses a number of magic apples.
It should be noted (and capitalized, underlined, bolded, italicized, and put in enlarged font so you don’t miss it) that even Nanliltar’s power is limited: she cannot use her magic to kill (or raise people from the dead, or make them fall in love).


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