Monkey God

God of Monkeys and Monkeying Around


An ancient deity with adherents all over the known world, but principally in the South and East, the Monkey God is one of the most powerful known gods. He can be called on by finding his temples, but this is dangerous as his temples are imbued with the power to not only give all who enter the shape of a monkey, but also the soul of a monkey, a power no other god known wields. The Monkey God is devoted to the spread of Monkey Values, which include disrespect, thievery, and the consumption of bananas.


The monkey god was once a demon sent to harass monkeys, but he got caught up in his work and forgot he was a demon, transforming into a monkey in truth. As such, he is vulnerable to anti-demon weapons. Demons like games, so the monkey god is susceptible to being tricked.

Monkey God

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