Prince of Talbasar


Harun is a devilishly handsome 18-year-old Human from the South.


Prince Harun is the fifth child and third son of the reigning Sultan of Talbasar. Well-educated and gently bred, Harun nevertheless early developed a taste for adventure, adventure that lay beyond the neatly manicured courts and gardens of the Talbasarean palaces. By 10, he had already run away to Falmaristan to find jinn, and at 13 he made the first of several attempts to tame wild leopards. When 16, Harun met Boffin Barrow and Pewter the half-orc, accompanying them into the highlands to hunt for Rocs.

Harun’s wildest adventure, however, came in his 18th year, when he entered as a contestant for the hand of Queen Melantha in far-off Leyland, from which questionable quest he has yet to return.

Needless to say, Harun’s martial prowess and luck have been sufficient to keep him alive through the present; however, Harun is not simply an adventurous youth, as he shares his sister Maryam’s literary accomplishments. Harun is also known for his marvelous trousers, which have pockets of great size and compactness.


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