Warrior Princess of Tenrobys


Galena is a Human woman of the House of Monar, rather taller than average.


Galena is the fifth and last child of Ildemar, King of Tenrobys, and the twin sister of Galen, heir to the throne. She early discovered a talent for all martial pursuits, though this was culturally frowned upon, and at 19 won the melee at the June Tournament. The public animus against her deed caused Galena to withdraw into more solitary activities, and thereafter she only rarely came to Meiringbury, spending most of her time hunting in the hill-country around Elynhurst with a small group of favoured followers. She did attend and participate in the Tournament of 47 (though it was only at archery) as the King demanded her presence for the announcement of Princess Elfgyva’s marriage to the Earl of Ganau. It was at this time that she befriended Boffin Barrow and Pewter the half-orc, which acquaintance would have great future advantages.

After the King changed the succession in favour of Prince Galen, Galena began to take a more active role in state affairs, advising her father and brother in such weighty matters as the schemes of the fiendish Prince Nicon. Seeing her value, Boffin Barrow and others offered Galena the Fire of Life at the same time as her brother Galen, which she accepted.

Galena is as yet unmarried, though rumour associates her name with that of Edmund of Eldchester, a Cyttanian nobleman.


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