Countess of Ganau


Elfgyva is a Human woman of the House of Monar.


Elfgyva is the third child and eldest daughter of Ildemar, King of Tenrobys. She is now the wife of the Earl of Ganau. Her upbringing, though that of a princess, was not ideal. Her father and little brother were boring eggheads, her eldest brother and little sister were far too interested in the hobbies (and even the clothes!) proper for the other sex, and her middle brother was mean, delighting in dipping her hair in inkwells. Only her mother understood her, but she died when Elfgyva was small. Elfgyva decided she wanted to grow up to be the perfect princess and marry some noble or royal man with large tracts of land and piles of money.

And she did! Her marriage to the Earl made her the most successful of her family (beating up men with a sword, making stupid “flying” machines, and having an affair with an Orc don’t count).

In a shocking turn of events, several years into her marriage Elfgyva suddenly revealed herself to be a longstanding deep-cover agent who orchestrated a swift and brilliant coup against her husband. As the Earl was driven tragically insane by this unexpected display of intelligence by his wife (and was also sentenced to work in the Mines as punishment for sundry crimes against humanity), Elfgyva is now the Earl of Ganau.

On an unrelated note, a halfling woman with a marked resemblence to Elfgyva is currently living with Eilenach, Duchess of Nuthriding, and her husband, Partridge Wimple.


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