Duchess of Nuthriding


Princess Eilenach is a mostly Human young woman with some Orc and Nymph blood.


Eilenach is the daughter of the King of Northmarch. She alone of her family refused to adopt the Earl of Suthriding’s new religion, the cult of Dalath, and being incapable of deceit or even of basic escape plans, she was taken to be sacrificed in the temple of Dalath. Unfortunately, she was rescued by Boffin Barrow at the last moment. Eilenach at once formed designs on the future Emperor; but alas, her only gifts were the summoning of wild creatures through song and singing plaintively into wells, whether or not said wells led into people’s homes! Though her blonde hair and helpless attitude may have entranced others, Boffin was not amused, relying instead on his faithful neighbour, Minerva. Eilenach’s Nymph blood led her to plot his entrapment on Alwen’s Day, when nymphs are at their greatest power; but this plan only drove Boffin more firmly and permanently into the cool and collected arms of Minerva. After a brief period of imprisonment, Eilenach was left to the mercy of her people.

The Northmarchers, however, failed to dispose of her, and she successfully fled into the widerness. Here she took up with notorious outlaw Partridge Wimple, whom she later married. As a result of the Treaty of Meiringbury, Eilenach became the Duchess of the new state of Nuthriding. She lives in Marchcaster.


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