Boffin Barrow

Emperor of the Moon, etcetera etcetera etcetera!


Halfling Rogue and Collector of Titles for 30-odd years (And human woman for one week of religious espionage)

All Titles, in (Roughly) Descending Order of Impressiveness
Emperor of the Moon, God of the Flaverons, King of Taradonia, Great Khan, Prince of Halflings, Lord of the Waste, Grand Duke of Gwythin-Carlen, Protector of Tisrim-which-is-Below, Thain of Henging, Beloved of Tarodin, Defender of the Faith, Hero of Tanbeis, Defender of the Realm, Twice Champion of Merianbury

Landed Titles, In Descending Order of Holding Size
Emperor of the Moon, King of Taradonia, Grand Duke of Gwythin-Carlen, Thain of Henging,

Unlanded/Honorary Titles, in (Roughly) Descending Order of Impressiveness
God of the Flaverons, Great Khan, Prince of Halflings, Lord of the Waste, Protector of Tisrim-which-is-Below, Beloved of Tarodin, Defender of the Faith, Hero of Tanbeis, Defender of the Realm, Twice Champion of Merianbury


Born to a large family of halflings living in a barrow complex in Barrowshire (not to be confused with Barrowshire, a Shire of Taradonia) , so large that they have taken to cycling through the alphabet of “_offin” names. (Quote: "So you’ve wrapped all the way back around to “B” then?")

Discontent with the crowded lifestyle, Boffin traveled to the west to seek his fortunes, and find a new home. He encountered Pewter the half-orc outside of Thridingstoke, marking the beginning of his grand adventure, and a glorious friendship.

It was also there that Boffin first set eyes upon the Earl of Suthriding, and took an immediate disliking to the vile man.

Boffin first gained favor with Taradin after disposing of a symbol of Dalath which Pewter had unwittingly accepted from a sketchy old man.

Boffin’s many adventures led him to accumulate great wealth and power, including such fabulous magical items such as the Flying Carpet, ring and robe of teleportation, Ark and Orb of Tarodin, and the Euscar Crown, and of course his ever-growing collection of titles.

He has most recently claimed the title Emperor of the Moon, abandoning his somewhat exaggerated claim to the “Holy Taradonian Empire”

Originally practical and indifferent to religious matters, nominally worshipping the Halfling god of Halfling Stereotypicallness, Brandobaris, in his adventures he has taken to working with various deities that have proven their usefulness to him. While his main patron is the god Taradin, god of Wisdom, he also is on good terms with Achublau, god of Weather, and has also patched up relations with Silmund, god of rocks and dirt and stuff. He has consecrated the whole of Taradonia, so that only these gods may manifest themselves or their power there.

He has recently also accepted Duban, god of Death into Taradonia, since he seems like a reasonable guy.

Also Vaina, who surprisingly was polite and followed Taradonian official procedure by petitioning to be included.

He is also apparently the god of the Flaverons, or fish people.

Boffin opposes the followers of Dalath, the false god of destruction, whenever able. He is also not at all fond of Alwen, goddess of nymphs and sleaze.

List of Enemies
Nanliltar, using sorcery to leave her rightful place in spacetime to come to the present, and scoffing at modern sorcery, has in Boffin’s mind declared war upon the present, and is perhaps the world’s greatest threat since Elf King and perhaps even greater.- Deceased. Not so immortal after all.

The “Elf King” is Boffin’s (and the party’s) greatest foe, as the creator of the false Dalath and patron of the Earl of Suthriding. Currently a monkey, and seemingly no threat. May be handy to keep around

The Earl of Suthriding, who has unlawfully usurped the throne of Northmarch and incited war with the states of Leyland, is also on Boffin’s List of Enemies. Also a monkey, and no longer any sort of threat at all, now that we know how to kill immortals. Currently in captivity.

Boffin has taken it upon himself to slay every last Callufrax in existence. Widely believed to be extinct, Boffin wishes to ensure that this belief becomes a reality.

Prince Nicon, the scheming prince of Tanbeis, is dead, and no longer on Boffin’s list of enemies.


Boffin is happily married to Minerva the Nymph, and lives in The Barrow in Barrow with their brood of (currently) five children: Baldwin, Benjamin, Bertha, Beryl, and Bridget

He has also adopted the dragon Alatar Barrow.

The former Talbazaaran urchins, Ahmed and Akhmed, were taken in by Boffin, and while not officially adopted by the Royal Family, live in the palace and prove of great help in running the estate.

Public Appearances
Boffin usually makes dramatic entrances into each town he visits. If you happen to see a halfling inside a howdah atop a Triceratops, followed by a parade of exotic animals such as camels and caribou, possibly engaging in some sort of musical number, it is almost certain to be Boffin.

Boffin Barrow

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