Mighty warrior, apprentice mage, master craftesman, and (future) liberator of Teorn


He hits things. LOTS of things. No I mean, like, he fights 50 cultists of Daeleth as a warm-up for fighting Teorn’s standing army. His Strength, Dexterity, and Wisdom are all very high, but his Intelligence and Constitution are pretty good, too. His Charisma is low, but how would you feel about chit-chat when it is ore painful than Galen’s attempts at flight? Anyway, Pewter has crafted the ULTIMATE CRAGHAMMER and is still unlocking it’s potential, but has so far found it’s potential to combine with his magic chain, hold ephemeral beings, and it can only be moved by Pewter himself. Need a loyal ally who can watch you back, as well as the whole party’s? Then Pewter is your half-orc! Oh! Did I forget to mention that he’s a half-orc? It may be because he wears a face-scarf, bathes at least every other day, and powders up with nutmeg daily. Does this make him any less intimidating? Nope. Because of Pewter, the smell of nutmeg is now feared by Teorn nobility, and may be for the rest of Teorn’s existence.



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