Mila Ghaverr

Princess of Dyfwethil


121-year-old betailed gnome with an eclectic assortment of surprisingly useful powers.


Mila (surname unknown; self-styled Mila Ghaverr) prefers not to dwell on life in Igdurförd, a typical Nomshire village with little tolerance for individuality, adventurousness, or fun. Circa year 45, Mila left her hometown amidst a public commotion involving a herd of cows and a trumpet-shaped fiddle, and began traveling with the half-elven bard Melantha Danaris Firleon of the House of Heregild. Two years thereafter, she joined with Pewter, Berezi, and Boffin Barrow in Tanbeis, and found her calling as an adventurer.

Prone to leaping before she looked (but generally able to land on her feet regardless), Mila collected a panoply of unique characteristics over the following year. In the Elf Capitol City, she joined forces with a wolfhound puppy she dubbed Shiansari, upon whom Fraydron Elf-King bestowed the ability to sparkle, fly, and see through walls. Shiansari’s distinctiveness was further enhanced through the power of the Hag of the Waste, who crafted a telepathic link between gnome and dog. In time, Mila also acquired a prehensile monkey’s tail, the power to turn into any plant at will, and an encyclopedic knowledge of random facts stored in her magically super-dense brain. Occasionally she has an elephant’s trunk, as well.

Mila also formed a friendship with Ochublau, god of weather in the Northern Pantheon, as both share an enthusiasm for snow, practical jokes, and reckless impulsivity. Ochublau granted Mila and Shiansari the ability to generate their own personal snow showers and hurricane-force winds.

Although she usually possesses the appearance of a teenaged gnome, Mila is in reality over 100 years old, having been sent back a century in time by a malevolent statue and subsequently de-aged by the Gnome King. Little is known about her experiences in the past, although she communicated with her younger self on at least one occasion, and may have been responsible for certain critical inciting incidents.

Alongside her adventurous companions, Mila participated in the reunification of Leyland in year 47. She emerged from the political upheaval as Princess of Dyfwethil, a principality in northwestern Leyland.

Mila occasionally takes on the appearance and identity of her tall, muscular, imposing, and male alter ego, Milo DyFwethilton, steward of Dyfwethil.


  • Reading
  • Snowing and windstorming
  • Adventuring
  • Disrupting the space-time continuum

Mila Ghaverr

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