Melantha Danaris Firleon

Queen of Leyland, Princess of Cartern, member of the House of Heregild


Half-elf Bard, 5’0" (Yes, I’m short! Deal!), frequently wears scarves or headbands that cover her ears; plays the fiddle(umpet).


Bio: Not much is known of Melantha’s childhood, only that she left home at a young age and set off to explore the world, with the dream of eventually founding a library. She met Mila Ghaverr during her travels in the East (courtesy of a rather traumatizing incident Her Majesty does not care to dwell upon), and then Pewter, Boffin, and Berezi just outside of Tanbeis, marking the beginning of her career as an adventurer.

During 47, Melantha and her companions agreed to aid Blanche, the Countess of Carthewald, in her bid to unite Leyland in the face of an invasion from the south. Blanche’s subsequent murder by her niece led to Melantha’s accession as Queen of Leyland. As Queen, Melantha overhauled the Leyland government and, with the aid of her friends, drew up a new constitution. She is also responsible for the foundation of the Queen’s University at Rhuddail, the sudden fashion for decorative headbands that cover the wearer’s ears, and the dramatic increase in fizzy production.

There are unconfirmed rumors that Melantha is the bearer of the legendary sword Andrenil, the Blade Which Returns the Dead to Sleep. Scholars have proven beyond a doubt, however, that she is a member of the House of Heregild, one of five houses which are supposed to be able to wield the blade.

Enemies: The Elf-King is Mel’s (and her party’s) long-standing nemesis due to his creation of Dalath and his support of the Earl of Suthriding. Mel, however, holds a particular grudge against the Elf-King, who, during their first meeting, broke bardic protocol and teleported Mel’s fiddle out of her pack. She’s had it in for him ever since.
Evil Djinn lady Nanliltar appeared on Mel’s “People to Kill Slowly and Painfully” list after she crashed the Leyland Bachelorette and cursed Mel. She skyrocketed to top of the list after she burnt the Library at Rhuddail.

Family: Mel’s erstwhile father, the elf lord Jasim, is currently in exile on Puffin Isle. Her only other family is her second cousin, eight times removed, Amelia, who is also her heir apparent, and her cat Larry (he of the sonic meow). As the result of some…interference from Nanliltar, Amelia has aged into a young adult and is now happily married to Henry (who, creepily enough, was on the Leylish Bachelorette).
Mel is now engaged to Heregard, a man she found asleep in an enchanted castle (…that sounds really sketch). The pair can usually be found in the Library reading together, getting drunk together, or yelling at Leyton for not replenishing their stock of fizzy.
Mel and Heregard are also expecting their first child in June (good thing Mel’s still on the Fizzy Anonymous wagon). Current ideas for names are Rhys Leyton McGillicuddy for a boy, and Alais Milah Cleopatricia for a girl.

Likes: Music, particularly fiddle
—Personal space
—Long solitary walks in the woods

Dislikes: Trumpets
—Dalath cultists, and those who accuse her of being a cultist
—cow-eyed elven nobles

Melantha Danaris Firleon

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