Arch-Queen Berezi, Peerless in Beauty and Brilliance

Queen of the Kingdom of Tiruma-Ea, Arch-Duchess of Cathewald, High Princess of Elf Capital, Elf-Princess of the Oni'inu Demon Realm, Author of Fifty Shades of Pewter


Berezi is a Moon Elf Psion, Demon Heiress, and Brilliant Sorceress. She is exceptionally intelligent, beautiful and socially gifted, and loves power in all forms.



Arch-Queen Berezi Etxandi Tiruma was the long-time traveling companion of Boffin Barrow, Melantha Danaris Firleon, Mila Ghaverr and Pewter. Her Psionic and Arcane abilities, as well as her diplomatic prowess were key to the Establishment of Taradonia, Conquest of Layland, the Defeat of Elf King, the Restoration of the Elf Capital, and the Restoration of the Kingdom of Tiruma-Ea.

Childhood and Early Life

Berezi Etxandi Tiruma was born in the Tiruma Ancestral Castle, a great structure that is several millennia old. Berezi’s mother, Nāciyā Zabedi Tiruma was married to Etxandi Argi’eder*, an Infernal Prince with Eldarin blood, in the interest of strengthening the alliance between the Tiruma line and the ruling class of the Oni’inu Demon Realm forged by Berezi’s grandmother, Hamziya Firoze Tiruma over five hundred years ago, in hopes of countering the rising power of the Elf King.

When Berezi was born, the Elf King was already wary of the growing power of the Etxandi-Tiruma alliance, as he lacked experience dealing with demons and their powers. Fearing for Berezi’s safety, her mother and grandmother sent her to the Oni’inu Demon Realm to be raised by her demon kin when she was twelve years old.

Berezi lived in the Demon Realm for over a century, honing the Psionic powers granted by her father’s demonic heritage. She took to her Psionic training well, due to her incredible intellect. In this time, she was also trained as a master diplomat, and also a master liar (considered an important skill for diplomats from the Demon Realm). This is also when she learned to speak to others telepathically, as well as her rudimentary Psionic attacks and abilities to suggest, implant and control thoughts in others.

Return to Tenrobys

Upon her return to Tenrobys, Berezi immediately attempted to return to the Timura ancestral home. However, she soon discovered that her ancestral lands had been seized by Elf King, and her family taken captive by him.

Outraged, Berezi made her way to the Elf Capital to confront the Elf King. On this journey, she first encountered fellow adventurers Boffin, Mila, Mel and Pewter. Together they went to the Elf Capital and confronted Elf King for the first time.

On her way to the Elf Capital, however, she had an encounter that would change the trajectory of her life forever.

Chrsyophlax, the Great and Powerful Dragon

As Berezi and the other adventurers approached the Elf Capital, they came upon the Monastery of Pengollen, a monastery known for its healing springs, and also the offerings of golden limbs and other body parts left as offerings to the gods for the powers of the springs. The monastery was run by a rather deliciously plump narrow-minded Abbot, who was unwilling to make completely reasonable offerings to the local dragon, Chrsyophlax, the Great and Powerful.

After Chrsyophlax had secured the main hall of the monastery and barricaded himself inside, the monks were unable to mount any successful attack against him. As such, they attempted to send in the visiting adventurers to kill Chrsyophlax. In her infinite wisdom, however, Berezi realized that it was better to make an alliance with a dragon than a group of monks who made no use whatsoever of their vast collections of gold. Once Chrsyophlax joined up with the adventurers, they immediately liberated the collection of gold limbs from the Monastery of Pengollen and continued to the Elf Capital.

It turned out that this event was at least as monotonous for Chrsyophlax, the Great and Powerful Dragon, as it was for Berezi, if not more so. While Chrsyophlax had always longed to experience life as an Eldarin for a period of time, but once he visited the Elf Capital, he became aware that he wished to be an Eldarin.

Luckily, as Berezi, Chrsyophlax and their friends continued to adventure, they met the Hag of the Waste, who taught Berezi how to create the potions that allowed Berezi to turn into a green dragon and Chrsyophlax to turn into an Eldarin (as well as any other form of humanoid). Once Chrsyophlax had taken on an Eldarin form, he and Berezi were free to pursue their clearly predestined true love, and even adopted a young green dragon child (who they also gave an Eldarin form), Ancalagon.

Their lives were not destined to be without trial and tragedy, however, as their adventures in Layland would prove.

The Conquest of Layland and the Attempted Usurpation of Carthewald

Upon first arriving in Layland, Berezi, Chrsyophlax and the adventurers were shocked and horrified at the lack of unity displayed in every facet of Laylander life. The borders seemed to be drawn helter-skelter, and each small principality, duchy, county and barony had its own unique (and often nonsensical) currency. Taxes were charged for border crossing in a currency one could not access until they had crossed the said border. The nation was in a state of absolute and utter political, cultural and economic chaos.

Only one woman attempted to reign in the chaos and establish order within the realm of Layland: the Countess of Cathewald. The land of Cathewald was inhabited primarily by sentient wolves, which with the Countess could communicate, but her land was orderly and functional, and the Countess (a half-elf by blood) was very skilled in magic.

As the adventurers forged an alliance with the Countess and they began to conquer smaller Layland states and put them into a Federation with a common currency. Eventually, they even were able to repel an invasion from Northmarch.

As their conquest neared completion, however, tragedy struck

Forms and Appearances



Although she once required potions to make the transformation, Rezi can now transform herself into a Green Dragon at will.

Witch Girl

I’ll warn you, the following picture is not a pretty one (which is greatly distressing, given that the rest of Rezi’s pictures most certainly are (she even manages to be an attractive dragon!)).


For Tapeworm’s test, Rezi’s appearance was switched with that of her cousin Klarion, and she was turned into an adolescent who took his rather unattractive demon brand of immortality. Blue is really not her color, and don’t get me started on what it did to her hair. And just so you know, cats are dreadful creatures, never be one, unless you absolutely cannot avoid it.

  • Note that all names of those from the Oni’inu Demon Realm are listed with Surnames first then Given Names, as is their custom. Furthermore, the naming convention of the Moon Elves of the North and West is for a child to take the father’s last name followed by the mother’s, passing the mother’s name on through the generations.

Arch-Queen Berezi, Peerless in Beauty and Brilliance

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